It's been available for years, but now the so-called morning after pill is more accessible than ever.

A federal ruling recently cleared the way so pharmacies including Bartells, cleared their shelves, making room for a product anyone can buy. A recent ruling is now reality.

The biggest difference is in accessibility. The old Plan B One Step required a prescription for those under age 17. And anyone who wanted it had to go to the pharmacist to get it. Now it's available on store shelves for $50.

It's something that has been in the works. I mean, I remember it being hush hush 10 years ago when I was in school, said Erika Brown.

It's out now.

One step-- that allows you to skip the step of going through the pharmacist.

I think young people today are extraordinarily more savvy than we were at their age, said Greg Kern.

For Brown, an educator, Plan B's prominent placement is a teaching moment.

I was raised that sex is a bad thing. Giving people another avenue to just talk about that there are young people having sex, as much as we want to avoid it, it's happening, she said.

Samuel Holmes is a parent who feels we should be talking about something else: I really feel that society is endorsing all this nonsense. When you have all these young children looking at these things, they're like, 'ok, well it's ok to have sex.'

The older two-step Plan B version and its generic form are still available from pharmacists at drug stores that carry it.

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