At Go Deli, East meets West in the middle of a 10-inch freshly baked baguette, smeared with French pate and packed full of assorted meats, such as French ham, pork roll and head cheese.

Next comes the Vietnamese influence: tangy shreds of pickled carrot, daikon and cilantro - all for less than the price of a Big Mac.

We try to do you know a really good quality sandwich for a very reasonable price, said Thanh Ngyuen of Go Deli. And it s going to be much healthier than of course a Big Mac.

The price draws customers; the taste has them coming back. It's a fairly simple sandwich, but it's fast and it's good and it's local.

The Thit Nguoi or special combo contains three different kinds of pork, including head cheese which I've never eaten before. It s good.

Go Deli also makes veggie Banh Mi and, for the faint of heart, traditional sandwiches, like their $3.89 roast beef with provolone.

We do a 10-inch baguette here, which is different than the six inches they do in Seattle, said Thanh.

And over the last three years Go Deli has been received quite well. Need a pick me up? Try the French pressed Vietnamese iced coffee. It has a surprisingly strong caffeine kick.

Go Deli is located at 306 Williams Avenue South in Renton. For more information, check out their website.

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