It was supposed to be a simple car repair. But when six weeks passed and the part hadn't arrived, a Marysville woman got desperate and called me. I discovered she wasn t alone in this issue.

Francine Hatley s 2008 Jeep Commander has been dry docked at the dealership since May. It's in need of a single part from the automaker.The part is the wireless ignition module.It allows keys outfitted with a computer chip to start the car.If the part is done, so is your car.

It's not sending a signal to the engine to turn on, said Hatley. So it's not the key, it's not the
engine; it's this little part in the car.

The dealership where Hatley bought the car went under so she couldn't get a loaner. In need of vehicle, the mother of three was forced to buy a new car.

It s a 14-thousand dollar part, joked Hatley.

Tired of playing the waiting game, Hatley called me.I spoke with Patric Stewart from the Rairdon's Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership in Smokey Point.He said the part can only come from Chrysler and there s not much he can do about the delay.

It's a waiting game. We wait just like the customer, said Stewart.

It turns out, Hatley isn't alone in this.450 cars are sitting at dealerships across the country, waiting for the wireless ignition modules to show up from Chrysler. So I called Chrysler and a week later Hatley was back in her Jeep.

We are very happy that Chrysler got the part to us and we got her up and running and back on the road again, said Stewart.

Chrysler told me that for a variety of reasons their supplier was not able to deliver the part.They hope to have everyone taken care of over the next two weeks.

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