A zoning deal in Seattle allowing a developer to build higher could lead to a new loo in Pioneer Square.

Around the corner from Klondike Penny's is a well traveled alley. But often, it's not well used.

We take pictures of people peeing in the alleyway. Oh, don't stand in that, said photographer Liz Warren. In this corner, a big pile of poop. It must have been a big man.

With so many homeless, Pioneer Square has no public toilets.

Whenever I go out, night, day, if I have to go, I have to go, said Christopher Gomez.

Gomez has roamed around Pioneer Square for eight years and often uses the alley as his bathroom.

Now, the Seattle City Council is flushing it out. And the Alliance for Pioneer Square calls the plan a win-win.

The city is considering allowing development of a 130-foot tall apartment and office building. It would be one story higher than is currently zoned.

In return, the developer will pay for a public toilet a few blocks away at the corner of James and Yesler Way. It would be located right across the street from the historic Merchants Cafe.

Kids are going to see this stuff. I'm not happy about it, said Merchant s Sean Hudson.

Now the debate in Pioneer Square is where should the potty go - in the park or on the street?

The city will hold public hearings on the proposal with a decision expected in the fall.

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