Asiana Airlines said the pilot landing flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday was in training, according to a Reuters article.

The article cited a airline spokesperson who said, It was Lee Kang-kook's maiden flight to the airport with the jet...He was in training. Even a veteran gets training (for a new jet).

The spokesperson said he had a lot of previous experience, over 9,700 hours total, but only has 43 hours on the Boeing 777.

Reuters said the co-pilot, Lee Jeong-min, has more than 3,200 hours on the 777 and over 12,000 hours of flight experience.

In a press conference on Sunday, National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman said it was too early to state the cause of the crash. She added there were no signs of problems with the flight prior to seven seconds before the accident occurred.

Witnesses said the plane appeared to be coming in too low on the landing and part of the plane may have struck the seawall at the end of the runway.

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