SEATAC, Wash. - Travel experts say if you find yourself on a canceled or diverted flight, getting into the customer service line for an alternate booking is just one thing you should do.

While in that line they recommend getting on the phone with reservations or getting onto your wireless capable laptop and trying to get on a new reservation early.

But Steve Danishek with TMA Travel says you need to make that reservation change with the same airline you're on. If you book a flight with another airline on your own, you may find you're not reimbursed under the airline's rules.

Thursday night and Friday, hundreds of air passengers found themselves in such a situation after Lufthansa's San Francisco to Munich flight diverted to Sea-Tac Airport after people reported an electrical burning smell.

A Lufthansa spokesman said the long Airbus 340-600 had 323 passengers on board, and by Friday afternoon had only been able to find seats for about 60% off the passengers on other airlines, including those that wanted to return to San Francisco.

The problem is that flights these days fly are so full, there are few empty seats to plug the stranded into. Lufthansa says it is looking to bring in a larger aircraft than the A330-300 it usually uses on its daily Seattle to Frankfort flight to try and get the rest of the passengers to Germany.

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