Glendale didn't budge.

The Arizona city's council and mayor emerged from a closed door meeting Tuesday night, and said very little about a deal to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in the desert.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has suggested the city needs to come to an agreement soon with an ownership group, or the franchise could relocate for the next season.

The council, made up of seven people, including the Mayor breezed past reporters in Glendale, and said very little.

The Arizona Republic's Paul Giblin tweeted that Glendale Councilman Manny Martinez as saying a vote was unlikely by next Tuesday, the 25th. Giblin also said There wasn't instant love for proposal.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn told KING5 last Sunday that his city is a Plan B for the franchise, in the minds of NHL Leaders. McGinn spoke with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, and told him that KeyArena could serve as a temporary home if the franchise was to relocate.

Ray Bertoszek and Anthony Lanza both visited Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and met with McGinn and Seattle City Councilmembers to discuss their potential plans for the Coyotes franchise. Councilmember Tim Burgess said the two men were optimistic about Seattle and it's potential as a host for the NHL. Burgess also says there is a tentative agreement between the two men and the city for the use of KeyArena this coming season, pending the outcome of the Glendale situation.

KeyArena seats roughly 17,000 fans for basketball, but because a rink is larger than a court, would seat considerably less for hockey. It has been widely believed that it could only seat 11,000 for hockey, but a person close to the situation believed it could seat close to 13,000 for the NHL. Hundreds of seats would have obstructed views.

The NHL Board of Governors meets June 27.

Investor Chris Hansen, the City of Seattle, and King County reached agreement last year on a $490 million NBA/NHL arena proposal. However, Hansen's attempt to purchase and bring the NBA's Kings franchise to Seattle was rejected by the NBA last month.

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