For Try Something New Tuesday, the KING 5 morning team took a crash course in something they always wanted to try: rowing.

Coaches Learn to Row Direction Martha Fitzpatrick and competitive rower Kevin Fujii gave them a crash course in a sport that engages almost every major muscle group.

After just a taste of what rowing is all about, the crew was hooked. The combination of working together, the water and sunshine, and the power of pulling together is addicting.

They also learned that Martha Fitzpatrick is an inspiration. She is a two-time cancer survivor, who was first diagnosed at age 35. Today, Martha rows three times a week and cox for the national teams as well.

She says health and fitness are important, but the key is finding an activity that doesn't feel like work.

Rowing is a sport someone can do for a long time. It's low impact and you get out what you put in.

Lake Union Crew, which was founded in 1998, teaches people of all ages. Even adults in their 80s are competing.

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