Seattle duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have joined several other artists in supporting the Nature Conservancy's All Hands on Earth, a worldwide movement that encourages people to take small steps to take care of the planet.

Lewis and Macklemore (given name Ben Haggerty) are described on the All Hands on Earth website as being concerned about nature deficit disorder.

The term was coined by author Richard Louv. His theory is that because both adults and children are so plugged into computers, mobile devices and video games, they've lost their connection to the natural world.

In a new video, Lewis and Macklemore talk about growing up in Seattle and how nature impacted them.

I grew up in the 80s, said Macklemore. So it was really before this age of technology that gave you purpose and reason to stay inside all the time.

One kid in a four-block radius had a Nintendo - there was no Internet, there was no computers, it was like 'Cops and Robbers,' 'Capture the Flag,' let's use our imagination and kick it outside, he said. I think that that's something that unfortunately kind of lost in this generation. We have so many distractions on an immediate level - indoors.

Lewis said shooting hip hop videos in the Northwest is a little atypical.

... Washington, where we're from, has so much to offer in terms of just intense, epic surroundings, he said.

Sign up to participate in All Hands on Earth and Nature Conservancy says they will give you little ideas that make a big impact - from shopping at the farmer's market to recycling batteries.

Earn points and badges for your efforts.


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