SEATTLE -- A Bothell family has filed claims against the state for a deadly crash on Highway 2 last December. The Owen family is seeking damages, losses and money for medical bills that could exceed millions of dollars.

On December 21, 2012, the family was driving on Highway 2 when a snow-packed tree fell on top of their car near Stevens Pass.

Parents Tim and Cheryl Owen were crushed in the accident and killed. Three of their adult children were severely injured and are still recovering in medical centers.

In the claims, the Owen family said the State Department of Transportation should have closed Highway 2 because it was too dangerous last winter because of snow storms and trees falling on the highway just days leading up to the tragic accident.

The family wrote in the claim, The state owes a duty to all persons to operate their roadways in a condition that is reasonably safe for ordinary travel. Operation for an unsafe, dangerous road is a breach of that duty.

The claim goes on to say the Washington State Department of Transportation did not have warning signs about the hazardous conditions on Highway 2 and after 100 trees snapped in the days before the accident, this stretch of the highway should have been closed.

Both the state attorney general's office and WSDOT said it's too soon to comment on the claims.

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