The Seattle Department of Planning and Development now says 21 projects are in some phase of development in the Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood.

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a bill this month that rezones the neighborhood, increasing the development capacity and allowing developers to build taller buildings. City leaders expect to absorb some 12,000 households and 22,000 jobs by 2031.

Most notably a 330,000 square foot, 13 story office and retail tower is in the planning phase at 400 Fairview Avenue.

But many are concerned about all of the additional traffic in an already congested area.

What we need is some real mass transit, said John Pehrson, a resident of South Lake Union.

The city said it s taking steps to keep traffic flowing, including a requirement to allow only 40 percent of building users to drive alone and only one parking space can be available for every 1000 square feet of living space. Pedestrian and bike improvements are planned throughout neighborhood and $28 million for infrastructure improvements are planned in South Lake Union and downtown Seattle through a collection of tax dollars from developers.

The neighborhood can handle it, said Bryan Stevens with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development. Traffic impacts will actually be less than if the rezone was never approved.

Here's a look at South Lake Union projects in the planning process

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