There's another proposed tuition hike in the works at the University of Washington, but this time students are suggesting they pay more.

Student members of the budget advisory committee have proposed a three percent tuition increase to help retain faculty members.

The extra money would go directly to faculty salaries, which have been frozen since 2008.

Tuition at UW has increased for five straight years. The proposed increase would only occur if the state legislature does not increase funding.

Chair of the faculty senate James Gregory said many professors are leaving because of these frozen salaries.

We've lost hundreds of faculty and approximately 20 percent in my department, said Gregory, a professor of history. The students understand how desperate the situation is and faculty appreciate what students have done here.

According to Gregory, professor salaries at UW are 11 to 16 percent below their counterparts at comparable institutions. As a result, many staff members have been lured away to jobs that pay more.

But some students aren't sure if they'd be willing to pay more. Tuition at the U.W. has doubled over the past five years while state funding has decreased by more than $200 million.

Increased tuition to keep faculty? asked UW sophomore Breanne Yamamoto. It's tough, it's like a double bind.

The proposal has been submitted to the UW Budget Committee. Officials say this is the first proposal of it's kind to come from student government leaders.

Those who support the proposal hope it's not necessary. State funding for local colleges and universities has been cut by over $200 million in the past four years.

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