A Bothell man has filed a petition on, asking the NBA to make Commissioner David Stern give Seattle an expansion team.

After two days, 3,663 people had signed the online petition as of Friday morning. The post said 96,337 signatures were needed.

The Commissioner has been acting against the best interests of the league, players, and fans. This is made to stop this dictatorship of his, wrote Mehtab Dhaliwal.

We are tired and need to be convinced again why we love this sport, and why Seattle deserves an expansion team, since the Kings situation didn't work out, he added.

The NBA Relocation Committee voted unanimously Monday to recommend that the Sacramento Kings not be moved to Seattle. Investor Chris Hansen leads a group that had already made an agreement to buy the Kings with the intention of moving them north.

Chris Kelly, one of the main investors in the Sacramento ownership group trying to keep the Kings there, said that the group expects to place 50 percent of its purchase offer into escrow by Friday.

Hansen said this week he still intends on buying the team, but the NBA Finance Committee has not given its recommendation on whether to approve the deal. Hansen said he plans to take his case directly to NBAowners.

A full vote by NBA owners is expected the week of May 13. Of the 30 owners, 23 must approve the sale, but only 16 need to approve the relocation. However, the unanimous recommendation of the Relocation Committee makes it unlikely the other owners will vote for a move.

Stern, who is set to retire next February, has said that any discussion on giving Seattle an expansion team would fall under Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, who will succeed Stern.

A similar online petition was posted several months ago by a Sacramento group, also asking Stern to give Seattle an expansion team.

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