Citizens in Pacific say they have enough signatures to trigger a recall vote of Mayor Cy Sun.

The Committee to Recall Cy Sun delivered the signatures the King County Elections office Monday. The group said it has 556 signatures. The minimum requirement to trigger a recall is 412.

Don Thomson, chairman of the committee, said gathering the necessary signatures in two days was easy.

People came to us, said Thomson. We have signatures of people who voted for the mayor, but realized they made a mistake.

The 83-year-old has been in office for less than two years after getting elected as a write-in candidate. But in that time, the city has lost its insurance coverage, Sun has fired various department heads and police staff, and the city is facing mounting legal fees.

This isn t personal. It s about taking care of what s right in the city, said Tracey Apata, also with the committee.

If the signatures are validated, a recall election could happen in June.

I m leaving it up to the people to decide whether I m doing right or wrong, said Sun. Despite the opposition, Sun said he still wants the job.

If I m voted out, I would just say to myself it s something I did that I thought was right, said Sun.

The city would be forced to pick up the estimated $15,000 for the cost of a special election.

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