For six years, it was David Gomez s job to get inside the heads of Northwest terrorists.

The former FBI supervisor in Seattle says it s hard to tell at this point what motivated the suspected Boston bombers, but he doesn t believe they are sophisticated terrorists.

I want to point out from a profiling standpoint one of the things this is suggesting is they re very disorganized in their thinking, said Gomez. They may not have planned beyond the initial bombing.

Gomez, who headed the Seattle FBI s Joint Terrorism Task Force until he retired in 2011, says the suspects don t appear to have had much of a plan after they detonated two bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon on Monday.

He says their Chechnyan heritage could factor into their motive, even if they are directly connected to terrorists in that Russian republic.

If they re not specifically associated with a terrorist group, they re engaging in a fantasy world.They believe themselves to be a part of this movement or at least they want to join of the movement and have their effect on it, Gomez said.

Gomez says the conflict in Chechnya was never on the FBI s radar when he ran the local office.

The Chechnyan movement really didn t have a big influence in my thinking as a field operative, he said.

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