There are dramatic changes happening in our everyday lives when it comes to technology. But in terms of the office spaces we work in, things have largely remained the same.

However, with tech companies in Seattle fighting a war for talent in a highly competitive market, employers are finding anyway they can to retain employees, and prevent them from taking jobs with companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

At in Seattle, founder and CEO Alex Algard is offering big incentives and remodeling the company's two-floor office space in the Rainier Tower downtown. He is adding a lounge space and staircase to create an open and flexible work environment.

We feel that a happy employee is a productive employee, said Algard.

Another perk: unlimited vacation for employees as long as they get their work done.

We don't want Seattle to just be an engineering outpost for these bigger companies, Algard said. We think we can do better than that.

The trend is expected to continue in the Seattle market as the economy heats up and more large tech companies move to Seattle to take advantage of the highly qualified workforce.

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