A 7-year-old student at a Kent elementary school has been expelled after bringing an unloaded gun to school Tuesday.

Kent School District spokesperson Chris Loftis said the Soos Creek Elementary student found the gun at home, thought it was shiny and cool and decided to take it to school to show his friends.

When he reached for something in his backpack while at school, the gun fell out. Classmates thought it was a squirt gun and took it to a teacher.

The classroom was immediately cleared. Police were called and the gun was secured.

State law requires a child who brings a gun to school to be expelled for a year, but the superintendent can choose to lessen the punishment. The district said it is reviewing the case.

Loftis stressed that the student was not looking for trouble, but was just bringing something to school that he thought was cool.

Parents were notified of the situation.

Police are investigating and may forward the case to prosecutors.

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