Remember when you mom told you to sit up straight?

That advice is even more important for adults who often sit in front of computers for hours a day.

Former Olympian Anna Cummins sees a lot of them at her chiropractic business in Bellevue.

She recommends an app called PostureScreen to many of her clients.

Here's how it works - you take a picture of yourself from the front and the side, then the app analyzes your posture.

Anna's husband, Bob, walked me through the app. We are going to look at your posture from the side. Ear, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle, the green line is perfect posture and the red line is where you are, you're not too bad. You're a little forward but you're not bad at all.

My results show my head leans a little to the left and Ishould be concious of how I sit at the computer.

Anna also uses a free computer program that helps remind you to sit up and take a break. She says 'Ergocizer' will monitor how long you're on the computer and beep at you to remind you to stop and stretch and move around.

She has this advice for anyone who sits at a computer, The firs thing would be to have a good set up at your computer so it's not too low, especially being tall, the next step is to take a break. Sitting at the computer for five hours straight is not good for anybody. We're designed to be active. When we are sitting like that it's going to put a strain on anybody.

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