The bomb squad is hard at work at a house in Seattle's Skyway neighborhood, where deputies uncovered a large amount of explosive material. Investigators say a man was building bombs at the home on Forest Avenue South he rented with his wife.

The suspect s landlord tipped off police, and when King County sheriff's deputies arrived Tuesday night, they found the kind of things you might find at a fireworks stand. Bolstering the case, the suspect s own YouTube videos shows some of what he built inside the garage of the house. At least one of those devices allegedly blew up in his own backyard.

Based on our assessment, (we) decided it too dangerous to go in and take care of the explosives, said Deputy David Mendez with the King County Sheriff s Office.

So on Wednesday, the bomb squad moved in. They didn't find any assembled devices, but they did find all the ingredients, including ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, magnesium and smokeless gun powder.

Some homemade explosives, some precursor materials, a lot of chemicals, said Mendez.

Investigators say the suspect mixed together a lot of materials and blew them up on videos he posted on YouTube.

The suspect s YouTube name is Mr. X the Ex. His real name is Todd Rogers. Appearing in court Wednesday, the 29-year-old learned his house-filled chemistry experiment has turned criminal.

Neighbors on either side of the home were evacuated as a precaution, and on Wednesday it was the bomb squad's turn to blow up some of what they found.

At this point, there s no risk to the public at all. The only risk is to us as the responders taking care of all the items we re finding inside, said Mendez.

Rogers is in jail on $35,000 bail.

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