SEATTLE -- City Councilmember Bruce Harrell said Thursday that he is still waiting on a after action report from the Seattle Police Department about what occurred on May Day of 2012.

Harrell said he sent Mayor Mike McGinn a letter on January 25 that raised concerns about the property damage and violence that happened when demonstrators marched through Seattle. Cars were vandalized and business windows shattered, but city officials said there were no serious injuries.

However, after the May Day melee, the CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association, Kate Joncas, said more could have been done to protect downtown property.

We had plenty of warning, and I was hoping we would have been better prepared. We really want to work with the mayor and the council to make sure that this doesn't happen again, Joncas said in May of 2012.

Harrell said he had requested a completed report from police, sending five emails between 9/10/12 to 1/07/13, but he has not received it.

From a policy standpoint, the executive and police department have not indicated one policy that needs to be changed or one action that we can improve from. We have to be the masters at continual improvement. If we know there is going to be anticipated melee and anticipated property destruction then we have to get on our A-game, said Harrell.

Harrell, who is running against McGinn in the mayor's race, said he's put politics aside and this issue is not personal. He is concerned about the city being ready for the next May Day.

Mayor McGinn said the police department is already looking closely at this issue.

We expect the after action report to be out sometime in mid-April, said McGinn.

Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department said in April he expects the after action report and an independent review to be completed. Michael Hillman, a former LAPD deputy chief, is preparing a review of May Day for the police department. He worked on a similar report for the LAPD after May Day 2007 turned violent in Los Angeles.

McGinn said the city will be tracking all information that comes in in an effort to try and determine what is likely to happen this upcoming May Day.

You can't make any predictions here, said McGinn. What I do know is our police department has taken a close look not just at May Day, but the Occupy Movement, at WTO before that, and is continually revising and improving its practices so it is as prepared as it can be. We know they will do their best.

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