A Roosevelt High School softball coach has resigned after an incident last week involving an allegedly inappropriate scavenger hunt.

Troy Hennum, 26, sent his team members to look for cute girls, and bring their photos and phone numbers back to him.

Administrators at Roosevelt heard about the incident on Saturday, and reacted quickly. On Monday, they placed Hennum on unpaid adminstrative leave and sent a letter home to the girls' parents.

Troy Hennum had only had the job for six days and is not a teacher in the district.

His former school district, Lake Washington, had investigated Hennum in 2012 for allegedly sending inappropriate text messages to an athlete.

A spokesperson for the Seattle School District said the hiring team knew about the Lake Washington incident and had looked into the matter. However, Hennum had been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case.

Katharine Aagard was one of the women that gave the softball team her number.

I didn't get a chance to think things through. If I though things through, I probably would have declined and said no, she said.

Aagard started receiving texts from Hennum shortly after. At first, she was flattered by them. Eventually, she became uncomfortable and told a friend who reported the incident to Roosevelt High School.

People like him are spiders in the world and all they want to do is spin a web of deception around people.Whoever takes the bait, that's who they're going to spin in tighter, said Aagard.

She stopped responding to the coach's text messages and eventually received a voicemail from him. She played it for KING 5.

I want to apologize for any inconvenience myself or my team caused you, he said in the message.

According to Aagard, Hennum told her he's also a special education teacher.

He should not be allowed to work in schools period, said Aagard.

The incident is under investigation by the school district.

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