A new poll finds that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn would be in a tight race for re-election, if the votes for the primary were cast today.

SurveyUSA asked 647 registered voters asked which candidate they would vote for in the primary election. The responses included former King County Executive Ron Sims, who has not declared for the race.

  • Undecided 34 percent
  • Mike McGinn 15 percent
  • Ron Sims 15 percent
  • Tim Burgess 10 percent
  • Bruce Harrelll 5 percent
  • David Ishii 0 percent
  • Kate Martin 3 percent
  • Ed Murray 9 percent
  • Charlie Staadecker 1 percent
  • Peter Steinbrueck 7 percent

The margin of error was 3.9 percent.

What if Sims doesn t run? The numbers change and McGinn picks up the biggest share of Sim's support.

  • McGinn 19 percent
  • Burgess 11 percent
  • Steinbreuck 10 percent
  • Murray 8 percent

But even without Sims, the pundits agree McGinn has a tough race ahead.

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