Diane Osland and her husband, Dan Atkinson, bought five tickets for $100 each and picked the winning number in a fantastic Tesla sedan raffle for Garfield High School on Friday night.

It's beautiful, sleek looking. I was surprised. I didn t know a lot about them and it s like car is gorgeous, said Osland.

The all-electric Tesla sells for $85,000.

The raffle was a huge success, with 1,650 tickets sold. After paying for the car, Garfield will net $78,000 to pay for special tutoring for students.

And here's the irony. Diane spent years raising money for Garfield, when her kids were students there.

It s great for the school. They raised a lot of money, she said.

They call it a win-win, and the couple says they'll gladly buy a Tesla raffle ticket at the school auction again next year.

She's driving this one. I need one now, said Atkinson.

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