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Point Defiance Zoo tiger cub Berani has improved enough to leave the hospital today.

Zoo veteranians say he's in very good condition and they expect him to be playing with his foster brother Dumai very soon.

This is an animal who has made an astounding recovery, head veterinarian Dr. Karen Wolf said.

I would expect him to be back to being super playful very soon.

Six-month-old Berani rejoined Dumai in the Asian Forest Sanctuary Friday morning. The two were separated by a partition but greeted each other vocally.

Veterinarians and zookeepers will continue to monitor the 74-pound tiger cub for any issues or signs of distress, Wolf said.

She believes his sudden illness was due to an infection from bacteria toxins. For now, Berani will remain on medicine and receive a bland diet.

Veterinarians and animal care staff maintained round-the-clock-care for the 6-month-old cub who had emergency surgery Monday night.

Berani, born Aug. 26 of last year, came to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium from The Tulsa Zoo in October to be raised with Dumai, a Sumatran tiger cub born just four days before Berani.

Both cubs were single births. Neither was thriving, and each needed hand-rearing to ensure adequate nutrition.

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