Snapchat is a photo app that allows you to take a photo, draw on it, and share it with friends. The key is that the photo disappears within 10 seconds.

Many teens admit the disappearing photo concept means they have their guard down. They send photos they wouldn't normally send because they believe they're gone forever.

13-year-old Chloe Webster said, I like it because you can't see the picture again. You can send really super ugly pictures to your friends and they can't see them again.

But the photos might not be gone forever.

On Snapchat, any image that you send can be saved forever, whether it's by someone taking a photo with another camera of a screenshot,. So it's not a great place to send photos that you want to be secure, said Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel.

And parents are concerned too. Father Jason Stark said, they take pictures of themselves in the mirror and take pictures of their six-packs, I don't want people sending my daughter pictures like that.

There were 30 million pictures sent a day on Snapchat three months ago, now there are more than 60 million pictures being sent every day.

Parents should make sure their kids know that whatever they put online may stay there forever, even if they think it will disappear.

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