EVERETT, Wash. -- Police in Everett are investigating an attempted abduction of a high school student after the teen was nearly kidnapped on her way to class.

Police say it happened at about8 a.m. near the 2300 block of Wetmore Avenue, which is less than a block from Everett High School.

A young girl says a man in a tan, four-door sedan asked if she needed a ride. When she declined, police say he grabbed her by the arm and tried to force her inside the vehicle.

She was able to fight her way free, and ran inside the school to get help.

You know, you can only teach your kids so much, and hope that you know, they listen and learn from you on what to do in a situation like this, said Everett parent Jody Leblanc.

The suspect is described as a black male in his 20's, about six feet tall, heavy set, with a mustache and brown curly hair.

If you have any information, call Everett police.
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