SEATTLE - The grounding of the world s fleet of 787 Dreamliners hasn t ended, but the regulatory freeze that s anchored 50 jets to the ground worldwide for the last two and one half weeks is thawing, if just a little.

Boeing just confirming that it has a request into the FAA to allow test flights to resume and part of that is expected to begin testing any of the fixes required to make sure the 787 is safe to continue flights.

Meanwhile, several sources tell KING 5 news that airlines are beginning to ferry planes, fly them without passengers worldwide to get them back to their maintenance bases. If Boeing comes up with a fix, it will be in those maintenance bases where the fixes are likely to be implemented.

As we first reported to you last Wednesday, Boeing has a fix to build a stronger containment box around the battery case, and then vent any smoke directly outside the plane, our sources said. It is expected the fix will be performed along with a modification to the battery itself.

KING 5's Glenn Farley and Jim Forman contributed to this report.

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