Another public meeting was held Wednesday afternoon regarding proposed tolling on Interstate 90.

The state is in the process of collecting people's concerns and opinions in several ways.

Citizens can dictate their opinions to a staff person at the public meetings. They could also leave a comment in the comment box.

The online comment feature is available 24-7.

There are also staff people answering questions in person, talking about how much revenue is needed to complete the new 520 bridge.

Some people don't trust this public meeting format, but others do.

It s easier for somebody who has taken the minority position to get their position in play, said Clark Frazier of Redmond. If I were to stand up in front of a public meeting I would probably have to say something like We re not going to learn logic from the barking of dogs because you know people are ... I ve been yelled at before in public meetings.

When I moved here as a kid the toll was 35 cents to pay for the bridge and that was the cost of a cup of coffee and it was one way, said Susan Schoultz of Bellevue. Now it s the cost of a meal and it s both ways. And that s enormous.

Another meeting will be held Thursday at Yesler Community Center, 4pm-7pm, 917 East Yesler Way Seattle, WA 98122 (construction on East Yesler Way - please access parking from Washington St.)

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