As parents we love to make promises to our children that when we head to the doctor's office, such as there will be no shots. Trouble is, sometimes when we think our children are up to date, they aren't. Each and every year, the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics issues an update to the recommendations about vaccines for our children. This week, the 2013 guidelines came out.

2013 immunization updates:

  • All teens & women need a Tdap shot during every pregnancy
  • If your child is behind, needs 1 dose of Hib shot after 15 months
  • Reminder that both boys and girls get HPV vaccine
  • Children with immune problems or no spleen may need extra shots

Why being up-to-date on shots matters:

  • Resurgence of infections can come with lower rates of immunizations
  • Finish what you start--incomplete vaccine series leave kids at risk
  • Yearly updates: rules change as science evolves, may need new booster
  • We need the community immunity to protect us all

JAMA Pediatrics -- 1/2 of toddlers missing shots:

  • Researchers studied over 300,000 toddlers in US
  • 49% of all toddlers were late getting their shots
  • Trend is increasing from 2004 to 2008
  • 1/8 of children were late for shots because parents delayed

What parents need to know:

  • All teens and women need a Tdap shot during every pregnancy
  • Don't make promises for no shots at doctor
  • Unexpected missing shots are common during toddlerhood & adolescence
  • Delayed vaccines schedules are untested, no data they are safer
  • Some illnesses are re-appearing, under-immunization may be the problem

Immunization schedule for babies & children
Immunization schedule for teens
JAMA study on vaccination of toddlers
2013 American Acadent of Pediatrics Immunization Guidelines

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