The Seattle Police Department has arrested the street robber behind a string of recent armed robberies stretching from Capitol Hill to Madison Valley. Details of the arrest will be available soon.

The most recent hold-up happened Friday, Jan. 18 to a woman who was held up at gunpoint and had her purse snatched near the residential area of 27th Ave. & E Thomas St. on Capitol Hill. The suspect was described as a black male in his 20s, wearing a black jacket and carrying a silver pistol. The victim said the suspect chambered a round as he threatened her during the robbery.

This was the third hold-up in the area this month involving a suspect threatening victims with a silver pistol, according to Capitol Hill Seattle.

The arrest marks the second robbery suspect the SPD captured over the weekend. On Jan. 25, police arrested David Hansen, a suspect in robberies in which police say the 25-year-old lured his victims by promising sex.

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