SEATTLE -- As Seattle's homeless campers gear up for more cold weather, they are dealing with another serious problem. At Nickelsville a rat infestation has health officials concerned. That is why a major clean up started Saturday morning.

Robert Johnston, a retired physician, volunteered to help.

The concerns are to clean up the area. There's a lot of rats, and a lot of other problems with food handling and that sort of thing. The public health department is looking to see how it can be improved, said Johnston.

Dozens of campers and volunteers tossed out soaked wood that had been the foundation for Nickelsville tents.

Using cement blocks and plywood, they elevated the tents a foot off the ground. The new additions are a welcome sight for camper Diane Fillmore.

I love the volunteers. They are great. It wouldn't be possible without them, said Fillmore.

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