If Seattle gets an NBA team, Tacoma could also be a big winner. One of the Kings' players, Isaiah Thomas, grew up in Tacoma and was a star at the University of Washington. He could be in for quite the homecoming.

Wendell Davis may only be 10 years old, but he s serious about his hoops.

If I miss two shots in a row I have to do pushups, Davis said.

He wants to be in the NBA, just like a player he met at a University Place gym once: Isaiah Thomas.

He went to the UW and he s like a star NBA player, said Davis.

Before making it big, Thomas played for Curtis High School. Thomas - at least for now - plays for the Kings in Sacramento.

Wouldn t it be a nice story to have him back in Seattle? said Lindsey Bemis, who coached Thomas in high school.

Bemis keeps in touch with most of his past players, but he says Thomas has stood above the rest.

The coach has seen Thomas mentor kids at Tacoma-area camps or when just dropping by the gym. He says expect more of that if the Kings and Thomas head north.

He s a real popular kid in Tacoma. He s stayed true to Tacoma, said Bemis.

And while the deal s no slam dunk and NBA players change teams all the time, good luck trying to ruin the hoop dreams at this gym.

If you can put your mind to it, you can do it, said Davis.

Isaiah's father, James Thomas, says it was a family dream to have Isaiah make the pro's. And to have him play in Seattle would just make it that much greater.

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