SPOKANE -- A dog stranded for several days on the side of Interstate 90 east of Downtown Spokane is finally getting some care.

The dog appeared trapped behind a fence-line along Third Avenue with no easy way out.

A KREM 2 News viewer called our station to report he had seen the black lab wandering alongside the fence for a few days. The viewer stated Spokanimal did not appear to respond to rescue the animal. The caller said the dog looked trapped between the fence and the Interstate above,surrounded by thick brush.

Officer Anthony Curran with Spokanimal said he got a call Thursday about the dog and actually did come out. But he said he was not able to find the dog.

When KREM 2 News drove by, the lab came out of hiding from behind the ivy. You could see the outline of her rib cage under her thin coat. She appeared to shiver. We called Spokanimal and officers arrived within minutes. A Department of Transportation emergency vehicle also came to warn drivers fearing the lab could bolt onto the freeway.

Spokanimal took the dog to the shelter, where she will be examined and get on a much needed food regimen.

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