OCEAN SHORES, Wash. -- Corey Kuhl s boss told him he had a career day, just three months after becoming a paramedic.

Kuhl is credited with saving two lives within about an hour last week.

Really, it just felt like another day, said Kuhl.

On the evening of December 26, the owner of a Mexican restaurant called 911 saying a customer was slumped over a table. When Kuhl, a paramedic for the Ocean Shores Fire Department, arrived at the restaurant he said the customer was unconscious and blue in the face.

Kuhl was able to find and dislodge a piece of food that was stuck in the man s throat.

If we were a minute later I don t think he would have made it, said Kuhl.

It was his first save as a paramedic and he returned to the fire station to have dinner with his family. But Kuhl said 45 minutes later they got another call.

A 14-year-old boy called 911 saying his father had a heart attack in the parking lot of the high school.

He did not have a pulse, said Kuhl.

An Ocean Shores police officer got to the scene first and performed CPR on the 54-year-old man, but he was not revived until Kuhl used a defibrulator on him.

I wasn t alone, said Kuhl, who said the department s volunteers, his co-workers and the Ocean Shores police officer deserve credit for the saves too.

In this service, it s all about teamwork, Kuhl said.

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