Two people were killed after their car plunged into the Green River early Friday morning.

The King CountyMedical Examiner identified the driver of the car as 38-year-old Conjewel Glover and the passenger as 35-year-old Johnetta Powell. Friends say the two were dating, and nobody's sure why the car left the road and ended up in the river.

Tukwila Police say the car was traveling fast on South 180th Streetjust before2 a.m. Spokesperson Mike Murphy said the driver left the road and drove onto a bike path. The car launched into the air, landing in the river.

He probably just didn't know the area or wasn't paying attention and thought it was a road and went straight up it, said Alan Standridge. It would be easy to do. There's no curb or nothing easy to come straight up here.

The medical examiner said both people riding in the car drowned.

Pulling the car from the river was no easy task. Divers had to jump in and then the first truck cable snapped. Tukwila firefighters eventually retrieved the car and the bodies from the river.

There were earlier reports of street races in the area, but police are not sure if the car was involved with those races. Friends of the victim say they don't believe the driver would do that, but there's no evidence he tried to stop.

A vehicle like this has anti-lock brakes, said Murphy. If he got on the brakes, we should see something and we see nothing indicating brakes.

While police aren't sure what happened in this case, state patrol records show the driver, Conjewel Glover, does have a long criminal record, including incidents of speeding and driving with an open container of alcohol in his car.

KING5's Amy More contributed to this report.

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