It is a string of accidental shootings that renewed the gun control debate in Olympia.

9 year old Amina Bowman was shot by a classmate who brought a gun to school after he found it in his mother's home.

3 year old Julio Segura McIntosh shot himself with a loaded gun left unattended in his parent's car.

And 7 year old Jenna Carlile was shot by her sibling with their father's gun, also left in the family car.

It's not the child, said Senator Adam Kline of Seattle. It's the adult who let the child have access to that gun.

Jenna Carlile's father, a police officer, was charged with second degree manslaughter, but the trial ended in a hung jury. Senator Kline is prepared to introduce a new bill that would give prosecutors a more specific charge to pursue, by requiring gun owners to keep their firearms locked up when kids are around.

It's a gross misdemeanor under this bill if a child is caught with a gun and nobody gets hurt, said Kline. The danger is there, luckily nobody gets hurt. It becomes a felony if someone hurts someone with a gun.

Gun rights advocates say proposing such a bill takes aim at the wrong thing.

What about a child who pours bleach in some other kids cup, and the other kid drinks it? said Dave Workman, of the Second Amendment Foundation. You can't target an object which is what this legislation does. It goes after firearms.

Past attempts to introduce similar legislation have failed. But both sides admit, with last week's tragedy in Newtown, CT, the political climate has changed.

State legislature reconvenes January 14th. Senator Kline says he is one of several gun control bills he knows of that will be introduced in the state senate.

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