SEATTLE - Along the edge of the scenic Riverview Playfield in West Seattle sits a hulking mess which is becoming more than an eyesore, neighbors fear it is turning into a health hazard on wheels.

The old beat up travel trailer was dumped along 12th Ave SW near Holden, more than a week ago. It is now rotting, bits of insulation, decaying wood and the remnants of a once tidy travel trailer are starting to fall off.

Now people who live nearby say the rats are starting to move in. They want it gone.

The trailer is in such bad condition it is not clear which city agency is responsible for removing it, let alone how to get the job done safely.

Take care of it, neighbor Gretchen Heider said. It is a blight to the city and a blight to the neighborhood, she added.

KING 5 News tweeted a picture of the trailer to Mayor Mike McGinn. He tweeted right back saying, ...forwarding your tweet to staff to follow up.

Heiden hopes for some action soon. It has been over a week, and yeah it has been really frustrating.

UPDATE: We heard late this evening from the Seattle Parks Department that they'll clean up the trailer tomorrow.

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