SEATTLE -- If Black Friday were a race, then Amy Palacios and Diana Urcino would be in first place.

We're the crazy ones, the two said.

Their kids will not be staying, but they will be under the covered entrance at Best Buy until the store opens at midnight Friday.

I thought there were gonna be a lot of people but -- it was only me, said Palacios.

A 40-inch TV for $170 is the main door busting draw.

Yeah, that's what we're getting, said Palacios. That is pretty crazy cheap.

Their enthusiasm might be a sign of what's to come.

Deloitte's Annual Survey finds Seattle shoppers plan to spend 32 percent more than the national average this holiday season.

On gifts alone, Seattleites will spend $474 versus the $386 national average.

And we're seeing that with customers feeling more confident about their personal finances and less concerned about the economy, said Alana Hoskin Smith with Deloitte.

It sounds way good to me...sounds definitely workable. I'd take 30 percent, said Tara Espinoza.

Espinoza co-owns Queen Anne Dispatch with her sister.

One stop shopping and shipping, said Sabrina Rinderle.

Rinderle oversees their store, Espinoza oversees their shipping.

Both sides of their business get busy during the holidays and they're hoping this year is busier than ever.

They buy it, we have to wrap it -- figure out the best way to send it, it's crazy, it's pretty crazy, Espinoza.

Deloitte's survey also finds 30 percent of Seattleites will use a mix of Internet, smartphones and stores to buy stuff.

And those diverse shoppers spend way more $530 on gifts versus $384 for those who just shop in stores.

But for Palacios and Urcino, it's all about deals this year.

People lost jobs in our family, said Urcino.

They plan to spend less, which is why, for them, a great bargain is worth waiting for.

Deloitte's survey finds that nationally, gift cards are the most wanted gift. In Seattle, electronics top the wish list.
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