In September of 2008, pink tents donated by the Girls Scouts popped up on city land off Marginal Way, and the homeless camp was named after Mayor Greg Nickels.

The mayor s too busy worrying about dog parks, the roof gardens, the pea patches. And three days later the mayor throws them out.

Police arrest more than 20 people and Nickelsville makes its first of many moves - to nearby state property.

The statements and the actions are going to keep getting stronger until he negotiates with homeless activists, said one camper.

The next stop was Discovery Park near the Daybreak Star Cultural Center, but it's city land, and leads to another eviction.

That starts a two-and-a-half year odyssey, mostly through church parking lots, and some state property and private property, with emotional debates flaring with each move.

There was a six month stay at an abandoned fire station in Lake City, then last May there was a return to the original site with the original problems unsolved.

The City of Seattle said Tuesday there is an immediate need for the following: Firewood, gasoline (for generators), blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, socks and water proof boots, flashlights and batteries, rope, nails, hammers and duct tape, access to industrial size washer and dryer . Monetary donations used for purchasing propane, servicing porta potties and garbage pickup,

Items can be dropped off at Nickelsville at 7116 Marginal Way SW at 2nd Ave SW and W Marginal Way SW.

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