It may only be a change in legal terms, but the tiny Pierce County town of Ruston is now officially a city. Council members approved the change in late October, which gives city leaders and its citizens more power and input on potential upcoming development.

The change means Ruston is Washington s smallest city with around 800 residents within its one-square-mile borders.

I don t think I m going to lose the terminology Town of Ruston, said Ruston business owner Beth Torbet. It s what we are.

Torbet s market has been in Ruston for 30 years. She said the change may not mean much superficially, but it s a sign of positive changes.

Are we all grown up, she joked, I don t want to be all grown up.

Ruston is located just below Point Defiance and is surrounded by the City of Tacoma and Puget Sound. In recent years, it has grappled with development of the old Asarco property along the waterfront.

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