Eight courthouses in Washington reported bomb threats late Thursday afternoon. The courthouses were in Thurston, Chelan, Columbia, Benton, Adams, Douglas, Pacific and Clark counties.

All but the Thurston County Courthouse was given the all clear by 6 p.m. Authorities gave the all clear to Thurston County courthouse by 8:10 p.m.

Officials said a man called the Thurston County Clerk's Office and said multiple explosive devices had been planted on the property. Dogs from the Washington State Patrol arrived at the scene and were going through the county's three evacuated buildings, searching for any incendiary devices. No devices were found.

Thurston County employees have been on edge for the past couple of months after a district court judge received threatening phone calls. That judge later had some liquid thrown in his face, which injured him. At this point, no connection has been made to that case and the bomb threats.

Authorities said they were trying to locate the man responsible for the threats.

Just two weeks ago a similar string of bomb threats was made in Nebraska. The Thurston County Sheriff's Office says the calls there were similar to the ones made in Washington. In July, Ohio was rocked with yet another string of bogus bomb calls to courthouses prompting evacuations and panic in all three states.

A law enforcement source tells KING 5 NEWS the Washington State Patrol will help coordinate the 8 local investigations. Thurston County said it's detectives planned on reaching out with counterparts in Nebraska to see if there is a broader disturbing trend of these costly hoaxes.

KING 5'S Drew Mikkelsen contributed to this report.

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