SEATTLE -- Veterans Day could be the last day for the Seattle Veterans Museum. Todd Crooks started the Musem and said he can no longer keep up with rent payments.

We are out of money. I'm out of energy. I've been doing this for 12 years, and so it is time for someone else to step up and take over, said Crooks.

The museum is located near 2nd and Union in Seattle. On the walls are pictures and stories from past wars.

These are prized possessions right here. Our price of freedom stories, said Crooks, pointing to the wall.

Crooks said while he enjoys sharing the stories, the museum's three-dollar entrance fee and the number of visitors are not enough to keep up with rent payments. Crooks said he has dipped into his savings to pay the bills. With a family, a full-time job, and work with the Navy Reserve, Crooks said he can not keep up with the museum anymore.

We will try to hang in there until Veterans Day, said Crooks.

Crooks is looking for a community group or organization that wants to find a location for the museum and operate it. You can reach him at or 425-949-8821.
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