Bartenders are so awesome. They serve you drinks, they have stories a-plenty, and they tend to dress snazzily. But what would they tell you about bartending, bars, drinking, and cocktails if they didn t have to go make four more Ramos Fizzes? Well, now you can find out, as I asked four of our favorite local drink slingers what they d like the people to know (we ll take it for granted that one should always tip well and be a decent human being at the bar). Here are their answers. Oh, and it should go without saying, but go visit each of the first three folks on the list at the bars listed. And watch for the last one sitting next to you at one of those bars.

Andrew Friedman, Liberty

1. Your bartender wants you to try something new. We probably like what you chose, but please feel free to ask us our opinion on another option. Because we spend a lot of time with bottles and cocktails, we know our way around them, and we may be able to introduce you to your new favorite spirit or drink.

2. Your bartender wants you to talk to the people around you. Bars are a proven social experiment, and everyone s experience is bettered by knowing with whom we re drinking. Great spirits and drinks are best shared with a good story and new experience.

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