She has one of the most famous radio voices in the US. Delilah's call-in/dedication radio show broadcasts nightly on countless radio stations from coast to coast. She does the show from her home studio near Seattle, where she lives with her twelve children, many of whom are adopted. Her listeners are considered her extended family and she spends her evenings listening to their stories and selecting songs to inspire and comfort them.

Delilah also maintains a website and has authored several books. Her newest, Arms Full of Love, was just released and is full of memorable stories of her own, as well as heartfelt stories shared by her fans.

Delilah joined Margaret for a very moving segment, during which she talked about her incredible career, the outreach created by her show, her connection with her fans and her boundless love for children the world over, as evidenced by her non-profit group Point Hope. She also shared what moves her to bring more children into her family, as well as her very personal heartbreak at losing her son Sammy to sickle cell anemia earlier this year.

You can listen to Delilah weeknights from 8pm - 1am on WARM 106.9 (Click here to visit the radio station's website)

To learn more about Delilah and interact with her via her website, please click here.

To read her poignant and uplifting tribute to her son Sammy, please click here.

Find her on Facebook.

To learn more about the tremendous work being done through Point Hope, please click here.

To buy her book Arms Full of Love, click here.

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