LYNNWOOD -- Late Tuesday night, the Lynnwood City Council decided to uphold the city's gambling law that limits the ticket winnings at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

In a 4 to 2 vote, the council discovered it did not have enough votes to overturn the mayor's veto from September. Last month, the council voted to update what many say is an antiquated law, but the mayor vetoed it saying the council did not get enough public input before casting the vote.

The ordinance puts a cap on the number of tickets a game can give out to just four per machine. Kids try to get as many tickets as they can because they can turn them in for prizes.

I think it's ridiculous, says Jed Kamiya, a father who took his 4-year-old daughter to the Lynnwood Chuck E. Cheese Monday night. It has nothing to do with gambling.

The general manager says the law hurts sales at the Lynnwood restaurant, since customers choose to go to other Chuck E. Cheese restaurants in cities that don't have the same restriction.

I would like to see families stay in the city of Lynnwood, says Cory Rimer, GM of Chuck E. Cheese in Lynnwood.

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