The goat that a Seattle Police officer found wandering in the Beacon Hill neighborhood on Sunday is actually a sheep - and he's been returned to his owenr.

Police had reported that at around 8:30 a.m. Sunday, the officer was driving past Beacon Avenue S. and S. Leo Street, when he spotted a full-sized male goat wandering down the street.

The animal is estimated to weigh about 60 pounds.

Officers weren t able find the owner, so they turned him over to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Don Baxter, Manager of Animal Care and Volunteers at Seattle Animal Shelter, said that he thought the goat may have been a for-hire goat - rented out to gobble down overgrown foliage on Beacon Hill neighborhood - who wandered away from his work site.

But later, Baxter determined the goat was actually a sheep. The owner, who lives outside Seattle, had asked a friend to mind the sheep at a South Seattle home. Somehow the sheep escaped the yard.

According to the SPD Blotter, a relative of the sheep s owner saw the story in the news, and helped reunite the pair.

The sheep s owner paid an impound and microchipping fee of about $75.

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