Police in Pacific are searching for a 27-year-old woman who hasn t been seen since Friday evening.

Nikolay and Valentina Khmara last saw their daughter, Tatyana, on Friday afternoon.

She dressed up a little early to go to work and I asked her why are you going so early? She said my car is not doing good and I'm going to take my time and go earlier, said Valentina.

Pacific Police say Tatyana never got to work.

There isn't anything in her background, this is unusual behavior, said Sgt. Jim Pickett/Pacific Police

Concern arose Friday night. One of Tatyana's brothers saw her in Pacific Park at about 6 p.m. with a white man no one seems to know. Sunday morning, her car was in still the parking lot, but she was gone.

Tatyana's family says this has happened before; she sometimes doesn't come home from work, but she always calls. This time, that didn't happen.

She never said anything about seeing anybody or anything like that, said Valentina.

Sunday morning, search dogs began scouring the woods, looking for any trace of Tatyana. They found clothing - socks that might be hers.

But every trail led to the White River and stopped.

King County put its rescue boat in the water but found nothing. A dive team will go into the water Monday, along with air support.

Pacific Police came to the Khmara home and, according to the family, took a laptop computer, hoping for information.

I just hope that she's alive, said Valentina.

KING 5's John Langeler contributed to this report.

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