TACOMA, Wash. - Kara Andrew and her 14-year-old daughter, Kailey, are recovering after they were hurt in Sunday night's car chase that involved gunfire.

We are both having a hard time getting into a car right now, said Kara Andrew.

The mother and daughter were traveling from Seattle to Tacoma on Sunday when they found themselves in the middle of a melee on the freeway.

Police said it started with a group of men exchanging glances with a 20-year-old man and his nephew at a Festival at Seward Park. It turned violent as the group of men got into their car, and began chasing the pair through the Beacon Hill neighborhood while firing gunshots at their vehicle. The chase spilled onto Interstate 5. The driver being chased took a bullet to the shoulder, then crashed into Kara and Kailey's car.

I looked down, and I could just see sparks, said Kailey.

The next thing I remember, we were sliding down the freeway. I didn't even realize we were upside down until we came to a complete stop, said Kara.

Good Samaritans waited with the mother and daughter until paramedics arrived. A retired firefighter was by Kailey's side.

He just told me to stay calm, and he wrapped my arm, said Kailey.

A woman named Heather helped Kara.

She actually got down on the street next to me and held my hand, said Kara.

They were rescued from the car, and rushed to the hospital. They were release Monday. Both are badly bruised.

I could have lost my daughter or even my own life, said Kara.

Now out of harm's way, they are able to think about what they have been through, and it is violence they can not understand.

They endangered so many innocent people, said Kara.

Kara and Kailey Andrew said they want to find the Good Samaritans that helped them so they can say thank you.
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