Teekah Lewis was two years old in 1999 when she was reported missing from New Frontier bowling alley. This weekend, police investigating the case searched a Tacoma home and questioned the man who lives there.

The man who lives in the home says he was questioned by detectives with Tacoma Police for hours. He said he does not know Teekah Lewis and he did not do anything wrong.

But Teekah's mother, Theresa, is asking new questions.

There has to be something for them to get a search warrant, and search this man's house and dig up the backyard, she said.

Police confirmed that they questioned the man in connection with the disappearance of Teekah. Police also say the man pleaded guilty in 2011 in a different case that involved child luring at a different bowling alley.

On Sunday morning, Theresa talked with a detective about it.

After she told me everything, my question was to them, did you find anything ...and they said no, she said. It's a waiting game.

It hits hard for me, I was supposed to be there and I was supposed to babysit her that day, said Charlene Wheeler.

But instead, Theresa brought 2-year-old Teekah with her to the bowling alley. She says one minute her daughter was there and the next she was gone.

It's just like she vanished out of thin air, she said.

I can sit and watch my children grow up and know that they are safe but my cousin, we know nothing, we don't know if she is alive or dead, said Wheeler.

I'll never heal because that was my baby, that was my everything from the day I gave birth to her she was right at my hip, I never let her go, said Theresa.

Police say this is an active investigation and they continue to follow up on leads.


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