EDMONDS, Wash. -- Edmonds residents and officials on Wednesday rallied against plans to double coal train traffic through their community.

The coal would be shipped to a proposed terminal a 100 miles to the north. It s something the city fears because more than 40 trains per day already bisect the waterfront, causing limited access to the Kingston ferry dock and waterfront businesses.

Seattle-based SSA Marine estimates an additional 18 fully loaded coal trains would use the tracks, with the option of increasing that load as the terminal attracts more business.

The ferry system chief said a solution like a new tunnel or underpass would require a partnership between state and local officials with private companies.

But I know enough to know we don't have the money, the city doesn't have the money and the private sector doesn't have all the money but together we might be able to craft a solution that really we need now, said David Mosley.

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